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Transport All-In

Transport All-In

With 65 vehicles we are on the roads of Europe for you. We manage bulk goods by rail and by water.

We transport all types of liquid products, biogenic waste, animal by-products and hazardous goods for you.

Trained employees and adherence to delivery dates are just as much a matter of course for us as centralised and decentralised dispatching, the latest technology, document neutrality, data protection and fleet management via Webfleet.

Talk to us about your challenges. We solve them. Professionally and reliably.

Details about our range of services

CO2-neutral transport

  • fully electric vehicles
  • up to 100% CO"
  • neutral fuels

Transport of

  • Biogenic waste
  • Animal by-products
  • Dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Food
  • Animal feedingstuffs

Tanker vehicles

  • by self-discharge
  • with intermodal ISO tank containers

Technical equipment

  • Pumps for self-loading
  • Temperature sensor during transport
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pump calibrated counter
  • Limit value transmitter

Environmental equipment

  • Latest emission standards
  • Comprehensive safety systems according to the latest standards
  • Driver Assistance Systems

Transport processing

  • Trained personnel
  • Central disposition
  • Decentralized disposition