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"Let us do everything we can to ensure that we leave the next generation, the children of today, a world that not only provides them with the necessary living space, but also the environment that allows life to happen and makes it worth living in"

-Richard von Weizs├Ącker -

Sustainable success

Powered by Sustainability

The quote from Richard von Weizs├Ącker sums up in one sentence the self-conception of our PS Bio Group.


We live sustainability with our products and services. Every day, with all our energy and with great success, since 2006:



  • Foundation of the first company of the group
  • Commissioning of the combined heat and power plants


  • First investments in a vehicle fleet


  • First trade with biogenic vegetable oils
  • Entry into the supply of the biofuel industry


  • International orientation: Establishment of business relations in the Ukraine
  • Fleet specialization around ADR vehicles


  • First activities as a specialist disposal company


  • Certification as a production company for sustainable biomasses
  • Certification as a specialist waste management company
  • Membership in the Grofor Association


  • Extension of the office building


  • First processing of rapeseed into edible rapeseed oil
  • Entry into the intermodular transport business
  • Foundation of the MVAK (founding member)


  • RedCert membership


  • Expansion of the vehicle fleet to include fuel trailers


  • Specialization in the field of fuel trailers on pump and counter


  • Foundation of the Polish company
  • First train loads - delivery by rail


  • Spin-off of the Logistics division into a separate company
  • Start of own biodiesel production in Kaldus
  • First purchase of biofuel by water

The PS Bio Group

Powerful. In all areas.

We are your partner. No matter if it is about the disposal of waste, the processing or the trade with biogenic fuels. Profit from our expertise. In detail and in combination.