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Upcycling is the order of the day

Collection and processing

We collect and process your biogenic waste into innovative fuels. Used frying oils, fats, grease separator residues and food leftovers from the catering industry, fatty acids from the food and oleochemical industries, animal fats and other organic waste are not waste for us, but valuable resources for the production of sustainable, CO2 neutral biofuels.

Your advantage: We and our regional collection partners collect your biogenic waste directly from your premises. Reliably, in compliance with regulations and requirements and at an attractive market price.

True to the motto "as close as possible, as far as necessary", processing is carried out as regionally as possible in our own plants or in the plants of our partners. After processing, we produce innovative, biogenic fuels from these pre-treated wastes and recyclable materials, which we sell throughout Europe.

We record

  • Used cooking oil
  • Fatty acids
  • Leftovers
  • Animal by-products
  • Grease separator residues
  • Other organic waste

Looking to the future

We are currently also planning to develop an energy baking system, i.e. a cycle in which vegetable oils and fats are delivered to the catering trade and at the same time the frying fats and food leftovers are disposed of.

Every drop counts

In addition to commercial or industrial disposal and processing, we also support the "Every drop counts" project. This project shows end consumers that used fats and cooking oils must not be disposed of via the drain, i.e. the sewerage system, but can be collected to avoid huge piles of grease in the public sewerage system.